Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese food made by forming and cooking pureed white fish (surimi) into different shapes or loaves. At Wakamatsuya, we create kamaboko that is beyond the ordinary, using four different cooking methods; steamed, deep fried, broiled and boiled. Each time-tested technique at Wakamatsuya produces a distinct flavor and texture, made unique by including the tastiest seafood and freshest vegetables Japan has to offer.

Wakamatsuya: Ise City’s original kamaboko maker, since 1905.

Wakamatsuya has always been a local, family-run business in Ise City, Japan. Relying on 4 generations of expertise, we continue our traditional method of hand making our all-natural kamaboko in the same port district of Ise City where we began over 100 years ago.

Starting in 1905 in the Kawasaki district along the Seta River, Wakamatsuya created and sold kamaboko to the multitude of visitors that arrived in the city every day, some by boat, some by foot. Times no doubt have changed throughout the last 100 years—people now visit Ise City by train, car and bus—but Wakamatsuya continues to welcome visitors and locals alike by serving the same style of unique and healthy creations unmatched by any other kamaboko maker.

Our customers have enjoyed our all-natural kamaboko for generations because we have always used the freshest ingredients from the sea and the farm and have never wavered in our passion to create each product with the same commitment to quality and taste as we have from the beginning all those years ago.

At Wakamatsuya, we create 4 different kinds of kamaboko—click below to learn more.

Fresh Seafood Daily

Wakamatsuya is located just minutes away from Ise Shima and some of the best local seafood markets Japan has to offer—creating a competitive advantage for us and a quality difference for our customers!
Wakamatsuya's Pay it Forward Program

Beginning in 2008 to promote awareness about the current state of our oceans and environment through fish release programs, seminars, and environmental sustainability projects. Please check the news and notes page from time to time for more information about our events.
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