Much of the attention given to Ise City starts with Ise Jingu—considered the most sacred of all Shinto shrines and for many, is Japan’s religious and spiritual center. Ise Jingu, located just a few minutes walk from our Okageyokocho store, is a destination for almost 5 million people a year, paying respects to Japan’s ancestry and praying for the safety and prosperity of Japan’s future.

Wakamatsuya: An Ise City original for generations!

Since our beginning over 100 years ago, Wakamatsuya has been a hands-on, family-style business in the Kawasaki district in Ise City, Japan. Currently led by third and fourth generation kamaboko masters, we continue to follow the philosophies and challenges set forth by our ancestors. We are doing this by, among many other things, creating all natural, hand made kamaboko free of preservatives or flavorings—the way kamaboko was meant to be.
Our mission is to embrace the gifts from the ocean and transform them into new and healthy creations by using the knowledge gained over the last 100+years of kamaboko making and to continue to bridge the goodness of the sea and land and create kamaboko for both young and old.

Because of our passion for detail and our commitment to using the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, from both the sea and the farm, Wakamatsuya has earned the trust of our customers for generations.
Our Most Important Asset

Because all Wakamatsuya’s products are hand-made, our people are our most important asset. Attaining master craftsman status is a long but rewarding process, taking at least five years to reach. Yet even a master kamaboko craftsmen continues to learn throughout their career since, conditions change every day. The temperature, moisture and fish condition have to be evaluated daily in order to create the consistent high quality Wakauatsuya kamaboko.
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