Wakamatsuya is located in Mie Prefecture, roughly 75 kilometers south of Nagoya, Japan. Nestled on the coast of Ise Bay and nearby Ise Shima—a place blessed with incredible natural beauty, crystal clear water and some of the most delicious seafood in Japan—a perfect combination for kamaboko making.

Our Totokama® is a trademarked product that is simple and succulent. After forming the surimi into small fish shapes, the Totokama is quickly broiled to seal in moisture and flavor. The resulting creation has a slightly toasted flavor on the outside and a rich and moist inside.

Sea Bream is not normally not used by kamaboko makers because of its oily flesh and difficulty when attempting to shape. However, at Wakamatsuya, we have perfected a special recipe that includes our surimi plus sea bream for the perfect consistency.
Sometimes simple is the best:
Broiling surimi locks in the rich flavor and savory texture and fragrant than other method.
If that weren't great enough:
In addition to our regular sized Totokama®, we also offer Totokama® minis—the perfect snack-size for any occasion!

Wakamatsuya's Pay it Forward Program

Beginning in 2008 to promote awareness about the current state of our oceans and environment through fish release programs, seminars, and environmental sustainability projects. Please check the news and notes page from time to time for more information about our events.
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