Surimi is the minced fish paste that is the basic ingredient of all kamaboko. At Wakamatsuya, we start every morning by hand-grinding several white fish fillets in a stone mill until they become smooth and shiny. We add 1.2% natural sea salt in order to extract the distinct yet subtle fish flavor that defines Wakamatsuya kamaboko.

Because all Wakamatsuya’s products are hand-made, our people are our most important asset. Attaining master craftsman status is a long but rewarding process, taking at least five years to reach. Yet even a master kamaboko craftsmen continues to learn throughout their career since, conditions change every day. since fish condition must be evaluated daily in order to create the consistent high quality Wakauatsuya kamaboko.

At Wakamatsuya, we have relied on three generations of experience to master the traditional art of kamaboko making. In addition to our traditional kamaboko products, we have also set our sights on future generations and the changing tastes of our customers.

In recent years, we have invented new and fresh creations, making new kinds of kamaboko including an array of vegetables, beans, seaweed, tofu, eggs and other all-natural ingredients to fuse this centuries old recipe into a truly modern Japanese specialty food.

We create four kinds of kamaboko at Wakamatsuya:
steamed, deep fried, broiled and boiled. Each style of kamaboko produced at Wakamatsuya has a distinct flavor and texture, made unique by adding various fresh, all-natural ingredients. Please click on one of the links below or one of the upper right boxes for more information about each kind of Wakamatsuya's specialty kamaboko.

Steamed Kamaboko

Boiled Kamaboko

Deep Fried Kamaboko

Broiled Kamaboko

Wakamatsuya's Pay it Forward Program

Beginning in 2008 to promote awareness about the current state of our oceans and environment through fish release programs, seminars, and environmental sustainability projects. Please check the news and notes page from time to time for more information about our events.
Fresh Seafood Daily
Wakamatsuya is located just minutes away from Ise Shima and some of the best local seafood markets Japan has to offer—creating a competitive advantage for us and a quality difference for our customers!
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