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Thank you for visiting the Wakamatsuya news and notes page. We are a kamaboko maker in Ise City, Japan and have been for over 100 years. We are roughly 75 kilometers south of Nagoya, Japan and nestled on the coast of Ise Bay and bordering the lush forest of the Kii Mountain range, Ise City and nearby Shima are blessed with incredible natural beauty, crystal clear water and some of the most delicious seafood in Japan—a perfect combination for kamaboko making.

What is Kamaboko, you might ask? It has been called many different things, some of which fit and some that don't. From fish sausage to fish cake, I never have been able to find the proper English to describe it so I feel that using Japanese is simply the best way. That being said, kamaboko is a traditional Japanese food made by forming and cooking pureed white fish (surimi) into different shapes or loaves. We create four kinds of kamaboko at Wakamatsuya: steamed, deep fried, broiled and boiled. Each style of kamaboko produced at Wakamatsuya has a distinct flavor and texture, made unique by adding various fresh, all-natural ingredients. Please click on one of the links below or one of the upper right boxes for more information about each kind of Wakamatsuya's specialty kamaboko.

If you are visiting us in the Ise City or Ise Shima areas, please pay a visit and see for yourself. We have two locations in Ise City and one location in Toba, Japan. Please follow this link for more information about our Kawasaki, Okageyokocho or Toba locations.

Please check back in the coming weeks for more news and notes about Wakamatsuya. In the meantime, drop by our website to see more.
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